blue-sofa.jpgSelling a home is a complex procedure. Whether it's your first time, or you're an experienced seller, it's very easy to forget    things and feel overwhelmed.

Today in the A.C.T. it is more complex then ever before, with building reports, energy efficiency rating reports and compliance as well as a Contract for Sale all needing to be done prior to your home even being allowed to be advertised for sale.

There's a lot involved in selling your home for the price you want. It's a complex, cut-throat business, and it can be potentially overwhelming and stressful process.

In many senses, your home is you, so selling it is also a very emotional experience. It's your home, so you are allowed to be emotional – but we're not!  Our job is to get the best possible result  for you.

You can get emotional, you can get excited, you can get totally involved, but one thing you won't get dealing with Blue, is stressed.

Selling Homes today is a stressful place if you don't understand it. We do, and we know how to turn it to your advantage. We find that a cool head and calm heart eventually results in a top price.

Oh, and by the way, when we've successfully sold your house for a great price, then you'll see us get excited and emotional...but not before.

Preparing your property for sale

Good presentation of your home is a critical factor in achieving an optimum sale price. So you may want to consider the following useful pointers:

  1. Make sure the entrance to your home creates a good first impression. Repair or replace old woodwork, clear away rubbish, cut your grass and tidy any plants. You may even want to add a few new plants to create atmosphere and charm.

  2. Ensure your bathrooms are attractive as they can be a major selling point. A fresh coat of paint, new mirror, blinds or curtains, green plants or even just a few soft matching towels can give an older bathroom a valuable lift in appearance.

  3. If your kitchen area needs a makeover add some baskets of fruit, flowers, attractive blinds or fresh paint. Put away the clutter and old electrical items, particularly if the kitchen is small

  4. Keep your home warm and welcoming in colder months by lighting open fires or putting on the heater. In summer, turn on the air-conditioning or let in the breeze through open windows and doors.

  5. It is rarely necessary to conduct expensive structural work before selling a home. Make sure any obvious damage is repaired but take advice before adding extensions, pools or other major features.

  6. Create a bright atmosphere by opening curtains and blinds, clearing branches or bushes that are overhanging windows and by installing higher wattage bulbs in dark areas.

  7. Generate an impression of space by opening windows and doors, removing any clutter including unnecessary furniture or ornaments and by keeping walkways clear.

  8. Lastly, ensure everything is clean tidy and smelling fresh. Make the beds, clear the sink of dishes, put away clothes and have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Handy Hints
Brew hot coffee to set the scene
Have soft mood music playing in the background