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Ray Lalic has been involved in the Real Estate market for the past ten years in a professional manner. Ray Lalic is probably best known in the Canberra community for his role in helping establish the Bendigo Bank in Canberra. At Bendigo Bank his role was involved heavily with the purchase and selling aspects of real estate for his client base and obviously the financial and legal aspects side as well. This gives Ray an insight and knowledge beyond a lot of Agents into all aspects of the process and this knowledge can greatly assist a buyer or a seller in achieving there objective. On a personal level his experience goes back for a lot longer then that, having bought his first property in Canberra at the age of 21. His experience and knowledge of the Canberra Market is extensive. His success is as a result of dealing with people in an honest, professional and caring manner – “I believe in doing the right thing by people because that’s also me doing the right thing by me. I would like to think that my success is a result of my integrity and strong negotiation skills .

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